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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Winthrop Makworth Praed 1802-1839 John Bartlett

    And oh! I shall find how, day by day,
  All thoughts and things look older;
How the laugh of pleasure grows less gay,
  And the heart of friendship colder.
          Twenty-eight and Twenty-nine.
    She was our queen, our rose, our star;
  And then she danced—O Heaven, her dancing!
          The Belle of the Ball.
    Some lie beneath the churchyard stone,
  And some before the speaker.
          School and Schoolfellows.
    I remember, I remember 1 
  How my childhood fleeted by,—
The mirth of its December
  And the warmth of its July.
          I remember, I remember.
    His partners at the whist-club said
  That he was faultless in his dealings.
    Dame Fortune is a fickle gipsy,
And always blind, and often tipsy;
Sometimes for years and years together,
She ’ll bless you with the sunniest weather,
Bestowing honour, pudding, pence,
You can’t imagine why or whence;—
Then in a moment—Presto, pass!—
Your joys are withered like the grass;
          The haunted Tree.
    John Bull was beat at Waterloo!
  They’ll swear to that in France.
    Of science and logic he chatters,
  As fine and as fast as he can;
Though I am no judge of such matters,
  I’m sure he’s a talented man.
          The talented Man.
Note 1.
See Thomas Hood: under same title, page 592. [back]