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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Will Carleton 1845-1912 John Bartlett

    Not a log in this buildin’ but its memories has got
And not a nail in this old floor but touches a tender spot.
          Out of the old House, Nancy.
    Fare you well, old house! you’re naught that can feel or see,
But you seem like a human bein’—a dear old friend to me;
And we never will have a better home, if my opinion stands,
Until we commence a-keepin’ house in the house not made with hands.
          Out of the old House, Nancy.
    Things at home are crossways, and Betsy and I are out.
          Betsy and I are out.
    I have talked with Betsy, and Betsy has talked with me,
And so we’ve agreed together that we can’t never agree.
          Betsy and I are out.
    Betsy, like all good women, had a temper of her own.
          Betsy and I are out.
    The more we arg’ed the question the more we did n’t agree.
          Betsy and I are out.
    I don’t complain of Betsy or any of her acts,
Exceptin’ when we ’ve quarreled and told each other facts.
          Betsy and I are out.
    Over the hill to the poor-house I’m trudgin’ my weary way.
          Over the Hill to the Poor-house.
            To appreciate heaven well
’T is good for a man to have some fifteen minutes of hell.
          Gone with a handsomer Man.