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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Sir Lewis Morris 1833-1907 John Bartlett

    The wind that sighs before the dawn
  Chases the gloom of night,
The curtains of the East are drawn,
  And suddenly—’t is light.
          Le Vent de l’Esprit.
    The love of the Right, tho’ cast down, the hate of victorious Ill,
All are sparks from the central fire of a boundless beneficent will.
          A new Orphic Hymn.
    Sound, jocund strains; on pipe and viol sound,
        Young voices sing;
Wreathe every door with snow-white voices round,
        For lo! ’t is Spring!
Winter has passed with its sad funeral train,
And Love revives again.
    Toil is the law of life and its best fruit.
          The Ode of perfect Years.
    The victories of Right
Are born of strife.
There were no Day were there no Night,
Nor, without dying, Life.
          The Ode of Evil.
              The world still needs
Its champion as of old, and finds him still.
          The Epic of Hades. Herakles.
    Call no faith false which e’er hath brought
  Relief to any laden life,
Cessation to the pain of thought,
  Refreshment mid the dust of strife.
    Rest springs from strife and dissonant chords beget
Divinest harmonies.
          Love’s Suicide.
    The passionate love of Right, the burning hate of Wrong.
          The Diamond Jubilee.