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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Page 850

Madison Julius Cawein. (1865– ?) (continued)
    Into the sunset’s turquoise marge
The moon dips, like a pearly barge;
Enchantment sails through magic seas,
To fairyland Hesperides,
  Over the hills and away.
          At Sunset. Stanza 1.
    What magic shall solve us the secret
Of beauty that’s born for an hour?
Richard Le Gallienne. (1866–1947)
    Yea, howso we dream,
  Or how bravely we do;
The end is the same,
  Be we traitor or true:
      And after the bloom
      And the passion is past
Death comes at last.
          An old Man’s Song.
    Time’s horses gallop down the lessening hill.
          Time flies.
    There’s too much beauty upon this earth
For lonely men to bear.
          A Ballad of too much Beauty.
William Vaughn Moody. (1869–1910)
              Time softly there
Laughs through the abyss of radiance with the gods.
          The Fire-Bringer. Act i.
    The gods despise enforcèd offerings.
When the heart brings its dearest and its last
Then only will they hear—if then, if then!
          The Fire-Bringer. Act ii.