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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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And its last rays kissed the forehead of a man and maiden fair,—
He with footsteps slow and weary; she with sunny, floating hair;
He with bowed head, sad and thoughtful; she with lips so cold and white,
Struggled to keep back the murmur, “Curfew must not ring to-night.”
          Curfew must not ring To-night.
George Parsons Lathrop. (1851–1898)
    The sunshine of thine eyes,
  (O still celestial beam!)
Whatever it touches it fills
  With the life of its lambent gleam.

The sunshine of thine eyes,
  Oh, let it fall on me!
Though I be but a mote of the air,
  I could turn to gold for thee.
          The Sunshine of thine Eyes.
Mrs. Humphry (Augusta Arnold) Ward. (1851–1920)
      One may as well preach a respectable mythology as anything else.
          Robert Elsmere.
      This Laodicean cant of tolerance.
          Robert Elsmere. Book ii. Chap. xii.
      All things change, creeds and philosophies and outward systems—but God remains.
          Robert Elsmere. Book iv. Chap. xxvi.
      Truth has never been, can never be, contained in any one creed or system.
          Robert Elsmere. Book vi. Chap. xxxviii.