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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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John Godfrey Saxe. (1816–1887) (continued)
    “God bless the man who first invented sleep!”
  So Sancho Panza said, and so say I.
          Early Rising.
    I like the lad, who when his father thought
To clip his morning nap by hackneyed phrase
Of vagrant worm by early songster caught
Cried, “Served him right! It’s not at all surprising
The worm was punished, Sir, for early rising!” 1 
          Early Rising.
    He takes the strangest liberties—
  But never takes his leave!
          My Familiar.
    In vain I speak of urgent tasks;
  In vain I scowl and pout;
A frown is no extinguisher—
  It does not put him out!
          My Familiar.
    I asked of Echo ’t other day
  (Whose words are few and often funny),
What to a novice she could say
  Of courtship, love, and matrimony.
  Quoth Echo, plainly,—“Matter-o’-money.”
    ’T is wise to learn; ’t is God-like to create.
          The Library.
    And he was rich and she was poor
  And so it might not be.
          The Way of the World.
    Bless me! this is pleasant
  Riding on the Rail.
          Hymn of the Rail.
Samuel Smiles. (1816–1904)
      No laws, however stringent, can make the idle industrious, the thriftless provident, or the drunken sober.
Note 1.
Frederick Locker-Lampson:
The healthy-wealthy-wise affirm
That early birds obtain the worm—
(The worm rose early too!) [back]