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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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Lydia Maria Child. (1802–1880) (continued)
      England may as well dam up the waters of the Nile with bulrushes as to fetter the step of Freedom, more proud and firm in this youthful land than where she treads the sequestered glens of Scotland, or couches herself among the magnificent mountains of Switzerland.
          Supposititious Speech of James Otis. The Rebels, Chap. iv.
Gerald Griffin. (1803–1840)
    A place in thy memory, dearest,
  Is all that I claim;
To pause and look back when thou hearest
  The sound of my name.
          A Place in thy Memory.
    When, like the rising day,
    Eileen aroon!
Love sends his early ray,
    Eileen aroon!
What makes his dawning glow
Changeless through joy and woe?
Only the constant know!—
    Eileen aroon!
          Eileen aroon.
Laman Blanchard. (1803–1845)
    Sooth ’t were a pleasant life to lead,
  With nothing in the world to do
But just to blow a shepherd’s reed,
  The silent season thro’
And just to drive a flock to feed,—
  Sheep—quiet, fond and few!
          Dolce far Niente. Stanza 1.
    Give me to live with Love alone
  And let the world go dine and dress;
For Love hath lowly haunts….
  If life’s a flower, I choose my own—
  ’T is “love in Idleness.”
          Dolce far Niente. Stanza 4.