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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Page 497

James Montgomery. (1771–1854) (continued)
    Beyond this vale of tears
  There is a life above,
Unmeasured by the flight of years;
  And all that life is love.
          The Issues of Life and Death.
    Night is the time to weep,
  To wet with unseen tears
Those graves of memory where sleep
  The joys of other years.
          The Issues of Life and Death.
    Who that hath ever been
  Could bear to be no more?
Yet who would tread again the scene
  He trod through life before?
          The Falling Leaf.
    Here in the body pent,
  Absent from Him I roam,
Yet nightly pitch my moving tent
  A day’s march nearer home.
          At Home in Heaven.
    If God hath made this world so fair,
  Where sin and death abound,
How beautiful beyond compare
  Will paradise be found!
          The Earth full of God’s Goodness.
    Return unto thy rest, my soul,
  From all the wanderings of thy thought,
From sickness unto death made whole,
  Safe through a thousand perils brought.
          Rest for the Soul.
    Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,
  Uttered or unexpressed,—
The motion of a hidden fire
  That trembles in the breast.
          What is Prayer?
    Prayer is the burden of a sigh,
  The falling of a tear,
The upward glancing of an eye
  When none but God is near.
          What is Prayer?