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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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James Thomson. (1700–1748) (continued)
    These as they change, Almighty Father! these
Are but the varied God. The rolling year
Is full of Thee.
          Hymn. Line 1.
    Shade, unperceiv’d, so softening into shade.
          Hymn. Line 25.
    From seeming evil still educing good.
          Hymn. Line 114.
    Come then, expressive silence, muse His praise.
          Hymn. Line 118.
    A pleasing land of drowsyhed it was,
Of dreams that wave before the half-shut eye;
And of gay castles in the clouds that pass,
Forever flushing round a summer sky:
There eke the soft delights that witchingly
Instil a wanton sweetness through the breast,
And the calm pleasures always hover’d nigh;
But whate’er smack’d of noyance or unrest
Was far, far off expell’d from this delicious nest.
          The Castle of Indolence. Canto i. Stanza 6.
    O fair undress, best dress! it checks no vein,
But every flowing limb in pleasure drowns,
And heightens ease with grace.
          The Castle of Indolence. Canto i. Stanza 26.
    Plac’d far amid the melancholy main.
          The Castle of Indolence. Canto i. Stanza 30.
    Scoundrel maxim.
          The Castle of Indolence. Canto i. Stanza 30.
    A bard here dwelt, more fat than bard beseems.
          The Castle of Indolence. Canto i. Stanza 68.
    A little round, fat, oily man of God.
          The Castle of Indolence. Canto i. Stanza 69.
    I care not, Fortune, what you me deny:
You cannot rob me of free Nature’s grace,
You cannot shut the windows of the sky
Through which Aurora shows her brightening face;
You cannot bar my constant feet to trace
The woods and lawns, by living stream, at eve:
Let health my nerves and finer fibres brace,
And I their toys to the great children leave:
Of fancy, reason, virtue, naught can me bereave.
          The Castle of Indolence. Canto ii. Stanza 3.