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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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William Shakespeare. (1564–1616) (continued)
    O curse of marriage,
That we can call these delicate creatures ours,
And not their appetites! I had rather be a toad,
And live upon the vapour of a dungeon,
Than keep a corner in the thing I love
For others’ uses.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    Trifles light as air
Are to the jealous confirmations strong
As proofs of holy writ.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    Not poppy, nor mandragora,
Nor all the drowsy syrups of the world,
Shall ever medicine thee to that sweet sleep
Which thou owedst yesterday.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    I swear ’t is better to be much abused
Than but to know ’t a little.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    He that is robb’d, not wanting what is stolen,
Let him not know ’t, and he ’s not robb’d at all.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    O, now, for ever
Farewell the tranquil mind! farewell content!
Farewell the plumed troop and the big wars
That make ambition virtue! O, farewell!
Farewell the neighing steed and the shrill trump,
The spirit-stirring drum, the ear-piercing fife,
The royal banner, and all quality,
Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!
And, O you mortal engines, whose rude throats
The immortal Jove’s dread clamours counterfeit,
Farewell! Othello’s occupation ’s gone!
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    Be sure of it; give me the ocular proof.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    No hinge nor loop
To hang a doubt on.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    On horror’s head horrors accumulate.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.
    Take note, take note, O world,
To be direct and honest is not safe.
          Othello. Act iii. Sc. 3.