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James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

June 2

The Royal Victory over the Dutch

By Old Ballad

  • Action between the English fleet under Monk and the Dutch under Van Tromp, June 2, 1653.

  • LET England, and Ireland, and Scotland rejoice

    And render thanksgivings with heart and with voice,

    That surly fanatic that now will not sing,

    Is false to the kingdom and foe to the King;

    For he that will grutch,

    Our fortune is such,

    Doth deal for the devil as well as the Dutch;

    For why should my nature or conscience repine,

    At taking of his life that fain would have mine.

    So high a victory we could not command,

    Had it not be gained by an Almighty hand,

    The great Lord of Battles did perfect this work,

    For God and the King, and the good Duke of York,

    Whose courage was such,

    Against the Low Dutch,

    That vapoured and swaggered like Lords in a hutch,

    But, let the bold Hollander, burn, sink or swim,

    They have honour enough to be beaten by him.