James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

November 27

Philip Van Artevelde

By Sir Henry Taylor (1800–1886)

  • Philip Van Artevelde was a Flemish popular leader. He was conquered and slain by Charles VI. on Nov. 27, 1382.

  • DIRE rebel though he was,

    Yet with a noble nature and great gifts

    Was he endowed,—courage, discretion, wit,

    An equal temper, and an ample soul,

    Rock-bound and fortified against assaults

    Of transitory passion, but below

    Built on a surging subterranean fire

    That stirred and lifted him to high attempts.

    So prompt and capable, and yet so calm,

    He nothing lacked in sovereignty but the right,

    Nothing in soldiership except good fortune.

    Wherefore with honor lay him in his grave,

    And thereby shall increase of honor come

    Unto their arms who vanquished one so wise,

    So valiant, so renowned.