James and Mary Ford, eds. Every Day in the Year. 1902.

December 30

Blücher on the Rhine

By August Kopisch (1799–1853)

  • At a consultation of the officers of the Prussian army held Dec. 30, 1813, Blücher announced his determination to cross the Rhine into France.

  • ’TWAS on the Rhine the armies lay;

    To France or not? Is’t yea or nay?

    They pondered long and pondered well.

    At length old Blücher broke the spell:

    “Bring here,” he said, “the map to me!

    The road to France is straight and free;

    Where is the foe?” “The foe! why, here!”

    “We’ll beat him! Forward! Never fear!

    And where lies Paris?” “Paris? Here!”

    “We’ll take it! Forward! Never fear!

    So throw the bridge across the Rhine.

    Methinks the Frenchman’s sparkling wine

    Will taste the best where grows the vine!”