Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882). Complete Poetical Works. 1893.

Ultima Thule

Poems. Elegiac

DARK is the morning with mist; in the narrow mouth of the harbor

Motionless lies the sea, under its curtain of cloud;

Dreamily glimmer the sails of ships on the distant horizon,

Like to the towers of a town, built on the verge of the sea.

Slowly and stately and still, they sail forth into the ocean;

With them sail my thoughts over the limitless deep,

Farther and farther away, borne on by unsatisfied longings,

Unto Hesperian isles, unto Ausonian shores.

Now they have vanished away, have disappeared in the ocean;

Sunk are the towers of the town into the depths of the sea!

All have vanished but those that, moored in the neighboring roadstead,

Sailless at anchor ride, looming so large in the mist.

Vanished, too, are the thoughts, the dim, unsatisfied longings;

Sunk are the turrets of cloud into the ocean of dreams;

While in a haven of rest my heart is riding at anchor,

Held by the chains of love, held by the anchors of trust!