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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882). Complete Poetical Works. 1893.


From the French. Barréges

By Lefranc de Pompignan

I LEAVE you, ye cold mountain chains,

Dwelling of warriors stark and frore!

You, may these eyes behold no more,

Save on the horizon of our plains.

Vanish, ye frightful, gloomy views!

Ye rocks that mount up to the clouds!

Of skies, enwrapped in misty shrouds,

Impracticable avenues!

Ye torrents, that with might and main

Break pathways through the rocky walls,

With your terrific waterfalls

Fatigue no more my weary brain!

Arise, ye landscapes full of charms,

Arise, ye pictures of delight!

Ye brooks, that water in your flight

The flowers and harvests of our farms!

You I perceive, ye meadows green,

Where the Garonne the lowland fills,

Not far from that long chain of hills,

With intermingled vales between.

Yon wreath of smoke, that mounts so high,

Methinks from my own hearth must come;

With speed, to that beloved home,

Fly, ye too lazy coursers, fly!

And bear me thither, where the soul

In quiet may itself possess,

Where all things soothe the mind’s distress,

Where all things teach me and console.