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Alexander Pope (1688–1744). Complete Poetical Works. 1903.

Poems: 1718–27

Poems Suggested by Gulliver. I. Ode to Quinbus Flestrin

  • The Man Mountain, by Titty Tit, Poet Laureate to His Majesty of Lilliput. Translated into English
  • This ‘Ode’ and the three following poems, were written by Pope after reading Gulliver’s Travels, and first published in the Miscellanies of Pope and Swift, in 1727.

  • IN amaze

    Lost I gaze!

    Can our eyes

    Reach thy size!

    May my lays

    Swell with praise,

    Worthy thee!

    Worthy me!

    Muse, inspire

    All thy fire!

    Bards of old

    Of him told,

    When they said

    Atlas’ head

    Propp’d the skies:

    See! and believe your eyes!

    See him stride

    Valleys wide,

    Over woods,

    Over floods!

    When he treads,

    Mountains’ heads

    Groan and shake,

    Armies quake;

    Lest his spurn


    Man and steed:

    Troops, take heed!

    Left and right,

    Speed your flight!

    Lest an host

    Beneath his foot be lost;

    Turn’d aside

    From his hide

    Safe from wound,

    Darts rebound.

    From his nose

    Clouds he blows!

    When he speaks,

    Thunder breaks!

    When he eats,

    Famine threats!

    When he drinks,

    Neptune shrinks!

    Nigh thy ear

    In mid air,

    On thy hand

    Let me stand;

    So shall I,

    Lofty poet! touch the sky.