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Alexander Pope (1688–1744). Complete Poetical Works. 1903.


On Sir William Trumbull

  • One of the Principal Secretaries of State to King William III
  • Who, having resigned his Place, died in his retirement at Easthamsted, in Berkshire, 1716.

  • A PLEASING Form, a firm, yet cautious Mind;

    Sincere, tho’ prudent; constant, yet resign’d:

    Honour unchanged, a Principle profest,

    Fix’d to one side, but mod’rate to the rest:

    An honest Courtier, yet a Patriot too,

    Just to his Prince, and to his Country true:

    Fill’d with the Sense of age, the Fire of youth,

    A scorn of Wrangling, yet a zeal for Truth;

    A gen’rous Faith, from superstition free,

    A love to Peace, and hate of Tyranny;

    Such this Man was, who now, from earth remov’d,

    At length enjoys that Liberty he lov’d.