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Alexander Pope (1688–1744). Complete Poetical Works. 1903.


C. Bibliographical Note

Mention is made in this list merely of the collected editions of Pope’s poems which were published during his life, and of the best editions which have been published since.

1. The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope. London: Printed by W. Bowyer for Bernard Lintot, between the Temple Gates, 1717. Quarto and folio. (Containing all the acknowledged poems which Pope had hitherto published, and some new ones.)

2. Same title. Vol. II. London: Printed by J. Wright for Lawton Gilliver, at Homer’s Head in Fleet Street, 1735. Quarto and folio. (Containing poems published by Pope after 1717.)

3. The Works of Mr. Alexander Pope in Prose. Letters of Mr. Alexander Pope and Several of his Friends. London: Knapton, Gilliver, Brindley and Dodsley, 1737. (The first avowed edition of his letters.)

4. Same title. Vol. II. London: Dodsley, 1741. (Containing correspondence with Swift, Memoirs of Scriblerus, papers from The Guardian, etc.)

5. The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. In Nine Volumes complete. With his last corrections, additions, and improvements, as they were delivered to the editor a little before his death; together with the Commentaries and Notes of Mr. Warburton. London: Knapton, Lintot, Tonson, and Draper, 1751. Octavo.

6. The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq., in Nine Volumes Complete, with a Memoir of the Author, and with Notes and Illustrations by Joseph Warton, D.D., and others. London: 1797.

7. The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq., in Prose and Verse, containing the principal Notes of Drs. Warburton and Warton, Illustrations and Critical and Explanatory Remarks by Johnson, Wakefield, A. Chalmers, and others. To which are added, now first published, some original Letters, additional Observations, and Memoirs of the Life of the Author, by the Rev. William Lisle Bowles. London: 1806. Octavo, 10 vols.

(This edition led to some controversy between Bowles and Lord Byron.)

8. The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. With Notes and Illustrations by himself and others: to which are added a New Life of the Author, an Estimate of his poetical Character and Writings, and occasional Remarks. By William Roscoe. London: 1824. Octavo, 10 vols.

9. Poetical Works. With extracts from his Correspondence, and Memoir by Robert Carruthers. London: 1858. Octavo, 2 vols.

10. The Works of Alexander Pope. New Edition. Including unpublished letters, and other new materials. Collected in part by J. W. Croker. With Introduction and Notes by Whitwell Elwin, and by W. J. Courthope. London: Murray, 1871–1889. Octavo, 10 vols. (This is now the standard edition of Pope.)