Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869–1935). Collected Poems. 1921.

V. The Town Down the River

14. Leonora

THEY have made for Leonora this low dwelling in the ground,

And with cedar they have woven the four walls round.

Like a little dryad hiding she’ll be wrapped all in green,

Better kept and longer valued than by ways that would have been.

They will come with many roses in the early afternoon,

They will come with pinks and lilies and with Leonora soon;

And as long as beauty’s garments over beauty’s limbs are thrown,

There’ll be lilies that are liars, and the rose will have its own.

There will be a wondrous quiet in the house that they have made,

And to-night will be a darkness in the place where she’ll be laid;

But the builders, looking forward into time, could only see

Darker nights for Leonora than to-night shall ever be.