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George William Russell (1867–1935). Collected Poems by A.E. 1913.

Index of First Lines

A cabin on the mountain side hid in a grassy nook
A diamond glow of winter o’er the world
A friendly mountain I know
A laughter in the diamond air, a music in the trembling grass
All the morn a spirit gay
A man went forth one day at eve
As flow the rivers to the sea
As from our dream we died away
A shaft of fire that falls like dew
As one by one the veils took flight
At dusk the window panes grew grey
Bearded with dewy grass the mountains thrust
Burning our hearts out with longing
By many a dream of God and man my thoughts in shining flocks were led
Come earth’s little children pit-pat from their burrows on the hill
Could you not in silence borrow
Dark glowed the vales of amethyst
Dark head by the fireside brooding
Does the earth grow grey with grief
Do you not feel the white glow in your breast, my bird?
Dream faces bloom around your face
Dusk, a pearl-grey river, o’er
Dusk its ash-grey blossoms sheds on violet skies
Dusk wraps the village in its dim caress
Ere I lose myself in the vastness and drowse myself with the peace
Even as a bird sprays many-coloured fires
Faint grew the yellow buds of light
Far up the dim twilight fluttered
From the cool and dark-lipped furrows
Heart-hidden from the outer things I rose
He bent above: so still her breath
Here where the loves of others close
Her mist of primroses within her breast
His head within my bosom lay
How came this pigmy rabble spun
How I could see through and through you!
How often have I said
How shallow is this mere that gleams!
I am the tender voice calling “Away
I begin through the grass once again to be bound to the Lord
I could praise you once with beautiful words ere you came
I did not deem it half so sweet
I fain would leave the tender songs
I go down from the hills half in gladness, and half with a pain I depart
I have wept a million tears
I heard them in their sadness say
I know myself no more, my child
Image of beauty, when I gaze on thee
In day from some titanic past it seems
In summer time, with high imaginings
In the black pool of the midnight Lu has slung the morning star
In the wet dusk silver sweet
I paused beside the cabin door and saw the King of Kings at play
I pitied one whose tattered dress
I said my pleasure shall not move
I thought, beloved, to have brought to you
It’s a lonely road through bogland to the lake at Carrowmore
Its edges foamed with amethyst and rose
It was the fairy of the place
I who had sought afar from earth
I will not follow you, my bird
I woke to find my pillow wet
I would I could weave in
I would not have the love of lips and eyes
Let us leave our island woods grown dim and blue
Lightest of dancers, with no thought
Like winds or waters were her ways
Love and pity are pleading with me this hour
Men have made them gods of love
Mother, with whom our lives should be
Not her own sorrow only that hath place
Not the soul that’s whitest
Not unremembering we pass our exile from the starry ways
Now the quietude of earth
Now the rooftree of the midnight spreading
Now when the spirit in us wakes and broods
Oh, at the eagle’s height
Oh, be not led away
Oh, if my spirit may foretell
O Holy Spirit of the Hazel, hearken now
Oh, the sudden wings arising from the ploughed fields brown
One thing in all things have I seen
Only in my deep heart I love you, sweetest heart
On me to rest, my bird, my bird
On the bird of air blue-breasted glint the rays of gold
On the twilight-burnished hills I lie and long and gaze
Our true hearts are forever lonely
Out of the dusky chamber of the brain
Over all the dream-built margin, flushed with grey and hoary light
Poor little child, my pretty boy
Pure at heart we wander now
See where the light streams over Connla’s fountain
Shadowy-petalled, like the lotus, loom the mountains with their snows
Still as the holy of holies breathes the vast
Still rests the heavy share on the dark soil
Tarry thou yet, late lingerer in the twilight’s glory
The blue dusk ran between the streets: my love was winged within my mind
The children awoke in their dreaming
The children were shouting together
The East was crowned with snow-cold bloom
The grey road whereupon we trod became as holy ground
The heavens lay hold on us: the starry rays
The hero first thought it
The lights shone down the street
The might that shaped itself through storm and stress
There in her old-world garden smiles
There’s a cure for sorrow in the well at Ballylee
There were many burning hours on the heartsweet tide
The sea was hoary, hoary
The skies from black to pearly grey
The sweetest song was ever sung
The twilight fleeted away in pearl on the stream
The twinkling mists of green and gold
The warmth of life is quenched with bitter frost
The while my mad brain whirled around
The winds, the stars, and the skies though wrought
The wonder of the world is o’er
They bathed in the fire-flooded fountains
They call us aliens, we are told
They tell me that the earth is still the same
This is the hero-heart of the enchanted isle
This is the red, red region
This mood hath known all beauty, for it sees
Those delicate wanderers
Though now thou hast failed and art fallen, despair not because of defeat
Though your eyes with tears were blind
Through the blue shadowy valley I hastened in a dream
Twilight, a blossom grey in shadowy valleys dwells
Twilight, a timid fawn, went glimmering by
Unto the deep the deep heart goes
We air tired who follow after
We are desert leagues apart
We have left our youth behind
We laid him to rest with tenderness
Well, when all is said and done
We must pass like smoke or live within the spirit’s fire
We turned back mad from the mystic mountains
We woke from our sleep in the bosom where cradled together we lay
What call may draw thee back again
What domination of what darkness dies this hour
What is the love of shadowy lips
What miracle was it that made this grey Rathgar
What of all the will to do?
When for love it was fain of
When in my shadowy hours I pierce the hidden heart of hopes and fears
When mine hour is come
When our glowing dreams were dead
When the breath of twilight blows to flame the misty skies
When the dawn comes forth I wonder
When the morning breaks above us
When the soul sought refuge in the place of rest
When the unquiet hours depart
When twilight flutters the mountains over
Where are now the dreams divine
Where the Greyhound River windeth through a loneliness so deep
Where we sat at dawn together, while the star-rich heavens shifted
While the earth is dark and grey
While the yellow constellations shine with pale and tender glory
Who are exiles? As for me
Who art thou, O Glory
Who gave thee such a ruby flaming heart
Who is that goddess to whom men should pray
Who is this unseen messenger
Who would think this quiet breather
Why does this sudden passion smite me?
With eyes all untroubled she laughs as she passes
Within the iron cities
With Thee a moment! Then what dreams have play!
With the glamour of the Gay
You and I have found the secret way
You look at me with wan, bright eyes
You remember, dear, together
Your paths were all unknown to us