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D.H. Lawrence (1885–1930). Amores. 1916.

47. Perfidy

HOLLOW rang the house when I knocked on the door,

And I lingered on the threshold with my hand

Upraised to knock and knock once more:

Listening for the sound of her feet across the floor,

Hollow re-echoed my heart.

The low-hung lamps stretched down the road

With shadows drifting underneath,

With a music of soft, melodious feet

Quickening my hope as I hastened to meet

The low-hung light of her eyes.

The golden lamps down the street went out,

The last car trailed the night behind;

And I in the darkness wandered about

With a flutter of hope and of dark-shut doubt

In the dying lamp of my love.

Two brown ponies trotting slowly

Stopped at a dim-lit trough to drink:

The dark van drummed down the distance slowly;

While the city stars so dim and holy

Drew nearer to search through the streets.

A hastening car swept shameful past,

I saw her hid in the shadow,

I saw her step to the curb, and fast

Run to the silent door, where last

I had stood with my hand uplifted.

She clung to the door in her haste to enter,

Entered, and quickly cast

It shut behind her, leaving the street aghast.