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Stedman and Hutchinson, comps. A Library of American Literature:
An Anthology in Eleven Volumes. 1891.

Vols. I–II: Colonial Literature, 1607–1764

Michael Drayton. 1563–1631. Epigram: To the Virginian Voyage
Captain John Smith. 1580–1631. An Adventure on the Chickahominy
The Sea Mark
On the Advantages of New England; with Historical Reflections
The Romance of Pocahontas
John Rolfe. 1585–1622. Why He Married Pocahontas
Richard Rich. fl. 1610. A Ballad of Virginia
William Strachey. 1572?–1621. A Storm off the Bermudas
A Portrait of King Powhatan
The Aboriginal Devil
George Percy. 1580–1632. The Experiences of a Virginia Colony
Alexander Whitaker. 1585–1616. An Infant Colony
John Pory. 1572–1636. A Philosophical Adventurer
How the Colonists Went into Indian Society
Anonymous How the English Settled in Maryland
Colonel Henry Norwood. c. 1614–1689. A Dolorous Journey to the New World
A Fight for Life
The Rescue
George Herbert. 1593–1633. Religion Westward Bent
William Bradford. 1590–1657. Divers Recollections of Puritan Strictness
Sundry Reasons for the Removal from Leyden
How the Colony Was Troubled with a Hypocrite
The Pestilent Morton and his Merry Mount
The Life and Death of Elder Brewster
Providence and the Pilgrim
Edward Winslow and William Bradford “Bradford’s and Winslow’s Journal”: An Excursion up Cape Cod
    The Story of the First Encounter
    The Landing of the Pilgrims and Their Settlement at Plymouth
Edward Winslow. 1595–1655. How the Pilgrims Sailed from Delft Haven
Massasoit’s Illness, and How Winslow Cured Him
William Morrell. fl. 1625. A Recommendation of New-England
Francis Higginson. 1587–1630. On a Voyage to the Massachusetts
The Commodities of New-England
A Setting-forth of Discommodities
Thomas Morton. 1575–1646. On the Punctilio of the Savage
Of a Vision and a Battle
The Revels at Merry Mount
The Valiant Expedition of Captain Shrimp, Otherwise Miles Standish
How the Separatists Paid Debts to Them That Were without
William Wood. fl. 1629–1635. Aboriginal Cookery
Woodland Adventures
Anecdotes of the Natives
The Meek Wives of the New World
Anthony Thacher. d. 1668. The Woful Shipwreck of Master Anthony Thacher
Richard Mather. 1596–1669. A Good Man’s Promises to God
A Chronicle of Wind and Wave
Captain John Underhill. 1597–1672. Of the Advice of Mistress Underhill
The End of a Majestical Embassy
Major John Mason. 1600–1672. The Taking of the Fort at Mystic
The Bloody Harvest of Pawcatuck
A Remembrance of Special Providences
Thomas Hooker. 1586–1647. The Weak Minister and the Impenitent Hearer
The Sinner at the King’s Court
On Groundless Hopes of Heaven
The Fearful Soul
God’s Dealings with His Servants
William Hooke. 1601–1678. On Horrible War
Christian Liberty
The Death of the Protector
The Bay Psalm Book Songs of the Puritans
Thomas Shepard. 1605–1649. The Spiritual Experiences of a Puritan
A Character of Mistress Joanna Shepard
The Way to Heaven
On the Glory of God
The Last Judgment
Thomas Weld. 1590?–1662. The Heresies of Anne Hutchinson and her Followers
How the Heresies Came to an End
Peter Bulkley. 1583–1659. New England and her Covenant
Roger Williams. 1604?–1683. The Bloody Tenent of Persecution
A Warning to Endicott
Of the Heavenly Bodies
In the Valley of the Shadow of Death
John Cotton. 1585–1652. An Epitaph for Sara and Roland Cotton
Psalm-Singing a Godly Exercise
On the Composing and Singing of Psalms with a Lively Voice
Concerning the Singers: Whether Women, Pagans, and Profane and Carnal Persons
An Exposition of Hypocrites
In Praise of Master Stone
Samuel Stone. 1602–1663. Why Socrates Is Not Plato, nor Plato Socrates
James Noyes. 1608–1656. The Power of Magistrates in the Church
Nathaniel Ward. 1578–1652. On the Frivolities of Fashion
The Gift of Poetry
A Lesson on Practical Religion
A Word to England
A Word of Ireland
Six Hobnails
In Praise of Mistress Bradstreet
The Cambridge Platform Of the Nature of the Catholic Church in General
Of Ruling Elders
Of Excommunication and Other Censures
Anonymous The New England Preachers
Thomas Dudley. 1576–1653. A New England Gentleman’s Epitaph
John Winthrop. 1588–1649. A Night in the Forest
The Reconciliation of Winthrop and Dudley
How the Fathers Disciplined Governor Vane
A Puritan School-Master
The Penitence of Captain Underhill
A Puritan Opinion of Literary Women
A Punishment of Parental Love
The Manner of Master Eliot’s Teaching
Of Liberty and Authority
A Model of Christian Charity
A Preparation for Parting
A Farewell from the “Arbella
Margaret Tyndal Winthrop. 1591–1647. A Puritan Wife to Her Husband
The Trust of a Godly Woman
Anne Bradstreet. c. 1612–1672. Of the Four Ages of Man
A Love-Letter to Her Husband
Meditations Divine and Moral
Captain Edward Johnson. 1599?–1672. A Leave-Taking at Southampton
The Courage of the Mothers in Israel
The Escape of Shepard and Norton
How Nimble Captain Davenport Saved a Soldier
An Answer to Prayer
Of John Winthrop. Esq.
Of the Reverend Mr. Higginson
The First Promotion of Learning in New England
The Wages of Discontent
A Cry unto the Lord to Stay His Hand
John Eliot. 1604–1690. On Admonishing the Indians
Pills for the Sachems
A Scandal in the Indian Israel
Character of a True Christian
John Hammond. d. 1707. The Virtuous Virginians
A Story of Colonial Ingratitude
Edward Holyoke. d. 1660. How Tirzana Beguiled the King
Benjamin Woodbridge. d. 1710. A New England Saint
John Norton. 1606–1663. The Life of Master Cotton
God’s Relation to Man
John Davenport. 1597–1670. Of Miracles
The Sinful Keeping of Christmas
James Cudworth. 1612?–1682. An Opponent of Persecution
Letters of the Quakers To the Bloody Town of Boston
The Cry of the Persecuted
The Farewell of a Victim
The Quaker Petition A Recital of Grievous Outrages
George Alsop. b. 1638. The Lofty Virtues of the Marylanders
Divers Aboriginal Customs and Absurdities
Upon a Purple Cap
Thomas Walley. 1616–1678. The Languishing Commonwealth
Nathaniel Morton. 1613–1685. The Separation of Roger Williams
Samuel Gorton, the Subtle Deceiver
In Remembrance of Winthrop
A Boston Divine
Daniel Denton. fl. 1656–1696. New York in the Seventeenth Century
John Josselyn. fl. 1630–1675. An Indian Beauty
A Report of Wonders
The Ways of the Men of Maine
Daniel Gookin. 1612–1687. Conjectures of the Savage, His Original
Diplomacy in Boston
Concerning Learned Indian Youth
The Praying Savages of Natick
Wannalancet’s Canoe
Heresy in Martha’s Vineyard
Sir William Berkeley. 1605–1677. His Declaration against the Proceedings of Nathaniel Bacon
Nathaniel Bacon. 1647–1676. His Declaration in the Name of the People of Virginia. July 30th, 1676
Anonymous Causes of the Strife between Governor Berkeley and Nathaniel Bacon, Gentleman
The Lion’s Strength Aided by the Fox’s Brains
Bacon’s Death, Eulogy, and Execration
The Self-made General Ingram
His Decline and Fall
T. M. The Virginia Rebellion in the Seventeenth Century
Peter Folger. 1617?–1690. A Homely Plea for Toleration
Captain Thomas Wheeler. c. 1620–1686. The Siege of Brookfield
Roger Clap. 1609–1691. How the Puritans Suffered and Loved One Another
The Building of Boston Castle
Thorns in the Flesh of the Fathers
On the Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America
Michael Wigglesworth. 1631–1705. The Day of Doom
Vanity of Vanities
Jonathan Mitchell. 1624–1668. On Looking up Steadfastly into Heaven
Joshua Scottow. 1618–1698. The Nursing Fathers of the New World
William Hubbard. 1621/2–1704. Captain Miles Standish His Temper
Taking of the Narraganset Fort
Subtlety and Courage of the Friendly Indians
How an Indian Bore Himself under Torture
Benjamin Tompson. 1642–1714. On the Women Fortifying Boston Neck
The Alarming Progress of Luxury in New England
In Praise of the Renowned Cotton Mather
Urian Oakes. 1631–1681. Elegy on the Death of Thomas Shepard
A Contrite Spirit Better Than Outward Seeming
John Rogers. 1630–1684. Upon Mrs. Anne Bradstreet Her Poems
John Norton. c. 1651–1716. Dirge for the Tenth Muse
Charles Wolley. fl. 1700. Fellow-Passengers to England
Knickerbocker Customs in the Pleasant Olden Time
New York and the Prodigious Voyage Thither
Mary Rowlandson. c. 1635–1711. Story of Her Captivity, Sufferings and Restoration
Benjamin Church. 1639–1718. A Death-Grapple
The Death of King Philip
Capture and Fate of the Great Annawon
Nathaniel Byfield. 1653–1733. The Revolt against Sir Edmund Andros
Samuel Willard. 1640–1707. Authority Must Take Pattern from on High
Increase Mather. 1639–1723. The Sign of the Blazing Star
Concerning Remarkable Judgments
The Dæmon at William Morse His House
That There be Dæmons and Possessed Persons
Of the Workings of Satan
Of the Discovery of Witches
Deodat Lawson. fl. 1680–1698. Witchcraft in Salem
Cotton Mather. 1663–1728. Of Beelzebub and His Plot
The Trial of George Burroughs
How Martha Carrier Was Tried
The Invisibilizing of Witches
The Story of Margaret Rule
A City Helped of the Lord
Master Theophilus Eaton His Great Soul
How Captain Phips Became a Knight of the Golden Fleece
The Life and Death of Master Thomas Hooker
The Exquisite Charity of Master John Eliot
The Voice of God in the Thunder
Of Abigail, His Wife
The Last Days of Increase Mather
Robert Calef. 1648–1719. A Warning to the Ministers
Touching the Supposed Witchcraft in New England
Samuel Sewall. 1652–1730. The Judge’s Confession
An Early Anti-Slavery Tract
How Judge Sewall Courted Madam Winthrop
Nicholas Noyes. 1647–1717. Damon and Pythias at Newbury
A Consolatory Poem
John Miller. 1666–1724. Evils and Inconveniences in New York
Gabriel Thomas. 17th Century. Pennsylvania and the City of Brotherly Love
George Keith’s New Religion
Jonathan Dickinson. 1663–1722. The Capture of the Castaways
The Painful Journey to St. Augustine
William Penn. 1644–1718. A Letter to the Indians
On His Departure from America
John Wise. 1652–1725. The Anglo-Saxon Hatred of Arbitrary Power
Thomas Bridge. 1657–1715. The Choice of Civil Officers
The Saybrook Platform Cause and Manner of Its Adoption
The Heads of Agreement
Benjamin Wadsworth. 1670–1737. The Character of William III
John Williams. 1664–1729. The Desolations of Deerfield
Favors in the Midst of Afflictions
Among the French and Indians
Sarah Kemble Knight. 1666–1727. From Boston to New York in 1704
Robert Beverly. 1673–1716. A Royalist Governor in Virginia
The Pastimes of Colonial Virginia
Ebenezer Cook. c. 1667–c. 1732. Of Meeting a Godly Knave in Maryland
John Lawson. 1674?–1712. Revels of the Carolina Indians
Francis Yonge An Early Rebellion in South Carolina
Hugh Jones. 1691–1760. Virginia in 1722
Samuel Penhallow. 1665–1726. The Strange End of a Great Expedition
Thomas Symmes. 1678–1725. The Engagement at Pigwacket
Anonymous Lovewell’s Fight
Benjamin Coleman. 1673–1747. A Quarrel with Fortune
The Ascent of the Saint
A Tale of Piracy
The Citizen’s Obligations
William Byrd. 1674–1744. The First Survey in the Dismal Swamp
A Profitable Day
A Visit to Colonel Spotswood
John Thompson. 1720–1772. An Argument for Marrying a Clergyman
Thomas Chalkley. 1675–1741. The Doctor’s Dream
John Gyles. 1680?–1755. The Adventures of a Captive
Superstitions of the Woods
Roger Wolcott. 1679–1767. The Lesson of Life
A Storm at Sea
In the Fields
George Berkeley. 1685–1753. A Glimpse of His Country House near Newport
The View from Honeyman’s Hill
The Ideal Philosophy in Brief
Greatness of Plato and the Ancient Schools
Thomas Prince. 1687–1758. The Great Earthquake in Jamaica
Cadwallader Colden. 1688–1776. The Story of Piskaret
Anonymous On a Lady, Singing
William Stith. 1707–1755. The Un-Solomonized James I.
Richard Granville’s Last Fight
The History of Captain John Smith
Sir John Randolph. c. 1693–1737. Two Colonial Lawyers
Aquila Rose. 1695–1723. To His Companion at Sea
The Much-Loved Child
Samuel Mather. 1706–1785. The Home Life of Cotton Mather
John Seccomb. 1708–1792. Father Abbey’s Will
Ebenezer and Jane Turell A Fair Puritan and Her Poetry
John Osborn. 1713–1753. A Whaling Song
John Adams. 1704–1740. The Contented Man
Of Love and Beauty
As Glides the Pictured Dream
David Brainerd. 1718–1747. How Brainerd Found the Excellent Way of Salvation
A Savage Reformer
Jonathan Edwards. 1703–1758. His Early and Rapturous Sense of Divine Things
That Material Existence Is Merely Ideal
A Self-Trained Berkeleian
Laplace Anticipated
A Young Christian’s Directory
Of Sarah Pierrepont, Who afterward Became His Wife
A Child of the Covenant
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God
The Eternity of Hell Torments
Why Saints in Glory Will Rejoice to See the Torments of the Damned
That the Devil Can Cite Scripture for His Purpose
Character of David Brainerd
Concerning the Notion of Liberty, and of Moral Agency
Whether Any Event, or Volition, Can Come to Pass without a Cause
The Secondary and Inferior Kind of Beauty
John Callender. 1706–1748. Liberty of Conscience in Rhode Island
William Stephens. 1671–1753. Politics and Racing in Colonial Georgia
The Old Governor’s Sorrow
Charles Chauncy. 1705–1787. Some Oddities of Belief
Clerical Epithets in the Eighteenth Century
James Ralph. d. 1762. The Prince’s Vision
The Griefs of Authors
Nathaniel Ames. 1708–1764. The Waking of the Sun
An Essay upon the Microscope
A Prophecy for North America
Mather Byles. 1707–1788. The Teaching of the Grave
The Delights of the Next World
The Last Tempest
To the Great Mr. Pope
Hymn Written During a Voyage
Joseph Green. 1706–1780. The Parson’s Psalm
Of Dr. Byles’s Cat
A Lamentation for Old Tenor Currency
John Winthrop. 1714–1779. The Effects of the Earthquake
Joseph Bellamy. 1719–1790. The Sum of All Virtue
A Picture of the Millennium
Eliza Lucas Pinckney. 1723–1793. A Love-Letter of the Last Century
An Essay in Criticism
Samuel Davies. 1723–1761. A Parson’s Call to Arms
William Livingston. 1723–1790. The Wife
The Career of a Colonial Dictator
The Story of Braddock’s Defeat
Nicholas Scull. 1686?–1761? A War of Kings
Samuel Niles. 1674–1762. The French on Block Island
The Fall of Quebec
Verse of the French and Indian War Song of Braddock’s Men
An Epitaph for Braddock
The Death of Wolfe
William Smith. 1728–1793. The Rule of Jacob Leisler; and His Fate
Manners and Customs of Colonial New York
An Anti-Semitic Excitement in New York
Anthony Benezet. 1713–1784. An Early Protest against the Slave-Trade
Thomas Godfrey. 1736–1763. The Patriot
A Dithyrambic on Wine
The Wish
The Deaths of Evanthe and Arsaces
Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson. 1737–1801. The Country Parson
Nathaniel Evans. 1742–1767. To May